Mopar Muscle Round-Up (Nov / Dec) 2016

Mopar Muscle Round-Up (Nov / Dec) 2016


Mopar Muscle Round-Up (Nov / Dec) 2016

The Hobby’s Premier Collectible Mopar Muscle Auto-Trade Magazine Highlights the Nation’s Top Plymouth, Dodge, Chrysler Cars & Parts For Sale, Editorials and much more!

Nothing says “bad” like a muscle car.  And the baddest muscle cars on the planet are Mopars.  If you are a Mopar Enthusiast like we are, then you are in for a huge surprise as we introduce our latest and greatest Premier Special Issue—Mopar Muscle Round-Up!

We have selected what we feel are the muscle car hobby’s current Top 450 Dodge, Plymouth and Chrysler vehicles for sale, including everything from Challengers and Chargers to Barracudas and Dusters, and even some earlier model classics, street rods and so much more—just a little bit of everything for you to enjoy! 

Inside you will find some of the best deals in our hobby that we have “rounded-up” for you, a newly-added parts and miscellaneous section, upcoming event listings, vendor’s display ads (please patronize our good friends and customers who made this issue possible) and never-before-seen feature articles from the very popular and legendary car enthusiast Bob “Video Bob” Huff and one of the best collector and muscle car journalists in the world—the sensational Mark C. Bach!

We hope that the love we share of everything Mopar is fully represented in this commemorative collector’s edition and that you look forward to the day this annual publication returns.

~Shaun Smith, Vice President and Assistant Publisher